Ahilya Mahila Mandal's target audience were Women for whom Family was the only world. Working with such kind of women was quite difficult, hence we thought of utilizing the skills which a household women already has, and which can provide her the opportunity to earn some extra revenue for the family, hence 'MAHER' was established. As the name suggest it means Mothers Home, and in India for every women her mother's home always has a special values. We ensured that the activities that we undertake under 'MAHER' will provide an opportunity for associated women to be independent.

Initially we began with Household consumables, especially food items which are made during festival season. It was a huge success; hence we further developed with adding more product lines such as Papad, Pickles, and Sweets etc. This Initiative has an immense potential, but due to limited resources, we have restricted to local market only, where in 10 women are employed.