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Volunteering Options
Anandi Vasati Gruh (Girls Hostel)
  • Teach English Grammar for an Hour.
  • Teach Maths for an Hour.
  • Teach Computers for an Hour.
Muktai Vidya Mandir (Primary School)
Come and Teach;
  • Teach Computer to our Primary School Students
  • Teach English Grammar to our Primary School Students.
  • Teach Mathematics to Primary School Students.
  • Help Students in Developing Hobbies of Music, Fine Arts Etc
  • .
  • Gifting Interesting Story Books to our Primary School Students
Come and Play with us;
  • Teach new Sports and Games to our School Students.
  • Gifting Sports and Playing Equipments
Sanjeevan Ashram
  • Come for a Tea with Elderly Hosts at Sanjeevan Ashram
  • Have a Lunch with our Elderly Hosts 35/-
  • Reading interesting Books /Articles for our Elderly hosts.
  • Spend half an Hour with Elderly Hosts for a casual interaction and chit chat session.
  • Spend a Day with our Elderly Hosts.
Dr. Ghate Health Centre
  • Spend 3 hours and help us in conducting the health checkup camp.
Anandi Vasati Gruh (Girls Hostel)
  • Sponsoring a Day's Meal 15,00/-
  • Sponsoring a Day's snacks 1000/-
  • Sponsoring a Girl Child for a Year 12,000/-
  • Sponsoring a Girl Child's Education for a year 5,000/-
  • Sponsoring Medical Expenses for Girls Hostel Monthly 1,000/- & Annually 10,000/-
  • Gifting a Educational Materials to a Girl child for a year 5,000/-
  • Gifting Clothes to Girl Child 6000/-
Sneh Sakhi
  • Sponsoring the Women Get-together (annual event) 5,000/-
  • Sponsoring Elderly Women Get-together (annual event) 10,000/-
  • Gifting to Sister (Bhau Beej) 200/-
Muktai Vidya Mandir (Primary School)
  • Help sponsoring yearly fees of the school for the needy students, 1,000/- per student.
Sanjeevan Ashram
  • Sponsoring a Day's meal for all the Elderly Hosts at Ashram 3,000/-
  • Sponsoring a Day's snacks for all Elderly hosts.
  • Sponsoring a single Elderly Hosts medical expenses, Monthly 500 & Annually 6,000/-
Dr. Ghate Health Centre
  • Sponsoring one Health Checkup camp 8,000/-
  • Sponsoring for medicines for the Health Checkup Camp 6,000/-
Blood Satellite Centre
  • Financially supporting the needy for the Cost of a Blood unit 1,400/-