As our Strength and weakness both were the Family, as family is always on priority for all, and any disturbance in the family may disrupt all other activities. Women always has the crucial role in the family, hence she needs to be strong enough to tackle all the challenges.

We observed that there were various disputes arousal happening in family, to which the women were falling victim, and there was no formal set up to support or provide a solution for such instances. Hence in the year 1997 Family Counseling Centre was set up to address these kind of domestic issues.

The concept behind this Initiative was to provide a platform where in women can realize their potential and the women power can be channelized for betterment of the society.

Presently Police also refer family cases to Ahilya Mahila Manal, to which we cater and ensure peace and happiness is maintained in the family.

Family Counseling Centre of Ahilya Mahila Mandal had changed life of many individuals, and contributed a lot to maintain peace and harmony in many families.