Pen is Located in the Raigad District of Maharashtra, this small semi urban rural mix town also has more than 200 Tribal Hamlets around its vicinity.

Belonging to this kind of Locality once we had a chance to participate in a Conference in pune which was in 1994 named as Mahila Chetana Parishad, where in we got a chance to get Acquaintance with various other women who had done tremendous work in the society. That was our source of Inspiration that instigated a thought process of initiating something similar social initiatives in Pen.

With the Initial discussions with similar likeminded people, we got to know about various social evils in the society, to which we decided to provide solutions.

On the very first day, when we sat for the formal discussion about the social initiative we finalized that this Initiative will be solely managed by women only, and we would work on basic issues which would cater the requirement of a common individual In the society.

In 1996 we formally registered our organization with the name of great visionary lady Ahilya Bai Holkar, as Ahilya Bai is a Insipration for many women like us. Hence we decided the Organization name as "AHILYA MAHILA MANDAL".

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