Art has its own vital role in any civil society; hence we started "Natraj Nrityashala" for promotion of classical dance.

"Swanand Sanskar Warg"was initiated to inculcate the basic moral and ethical values among the newer generation.

"Anandi Vasati Gruh" Girls from Tribal hamlets have to come to a long distance for their secondary education. Hence this Hostel facility was set up to provide them the much required support for the education.

"Vishnu Panth Bhagwat Vachnalay" was set up to inculcate the habit of reading other than syllabus books for own knowledge gain, which is very much enjoyed by all class of the society.

There is no blood bank facility in Pen, hence we initiated "Krishnaji Ranade Satellite Blood Centre" which now plays a vital role in saving many lives, by providing required blood components.

All these Projects have been very well Initiated and managed by the dedicated team. We have travelled a lot, and have gained various experiences while dealing with society and other factors. We have learnt a lot from our own deeds, and we are standing tall today only because of good support from generous people and acceptance in the society that we cater.

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