Understanding the societal need for facility to ensure the much required care and comfort providing facility for the Elderly People, we started "Sanjeevan Aashram" at the premises which was generously donated by Dr. Ghate.

Sanskrit Language has its own Identity and also conserves the culture, hence we Set up "Indira Sanskrut Pathshala" where in new generation is thought Sanskrit, which they use in their routine life.

"Women Get-together" was a unique initiative and which was heavily appreciated by all, had impacted a lot in giving acceptance for Ahilya Mahila Mandal in their society.

"Dr. Ghate health Centre" was established to cater to the Primary health issues of the vicinity.

"Yashoda Pathology Lab" was set up as there was a regular requirement of various tests and other checkups for the elders of Sanjeevan Aashram.

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