Soon after we were formally registered, we managed to get support and guidance from various skilled resources and after organizing some exposure visit for our team members, we got an overview of managing the Entrepreneurship Set up. After the Exposure visit, we initiated a sample activity which was successfully executed with a group of women, which gave us confidence to think big and move ahead.

We Focused on Education, Health, Self Reliance, and Social Security. And in order to address the same we began with the Family Counseling Centre.

Understanding the need of employment for semi urban Women, we initiated "Swayam Sidhha" where in Tailoring Class was the first component to Introduce the Self Reliance amongst women.

We got to know about the People, who were Residing at the hetawane Dam Residential Complex, and their children had to travel to a long distance for the school. Hence we Initiated "Muktai Vidya Mandir".

Providing Homely food for Students coming from faraway places for Education, hence we Initiated "Swad Bharati".

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